The Majestic Musila Island

Enjoy a boat excursion and safari on the Great Lake Victoria to Musila Island. Meet the small fishing community, absorb unforgettable panorama of islands & beaches further on and enjoy the rich birdlife of Musila.  You will have the history for Idd Amini war.


100$ per person for 3 hours trip

Rock Paintings and the Lourdes of Africa

Possibly one of Kagera's best-kept secret, explore ancient rock paintings close to Bukoba and one of the first religious shrines built in the whole of East Africa. Nyakijoga is World famous for its miracle powers its healing waters blessed in the name of the Virgin Mary. Every year thousands of pilgrims from all over the world convene at here at the Lourdes of Africa. 


$60 per person minimum 2 pax

Learn How To Cook Traditional Haya Food

The indigenous Haya people of this area invite you to the centre of the ancient Kiziba kingdom in Gera. Here you can sample local foods, view tribal dancing and local music plus a panoramic view of the 8 Kingdoms of Buhaya.


$70 per person

Visit an Ancient Haya Palace

Have you ever been to an African Palace? Well here is your chance. Visit Kanazi Palace. Learn about the history of former indigenous governance before independence and get a privileged view of a traditional Bahaya house and royal tools such as spears, drums and chairs that existed more than 100 years.


$50 per person