Background information About Burigi-Chato National Park

Burigi Chato National park is situated in Northwestern part of Tanzania in Kagera and Gieta regions and it covers an area of 4,707km/sq. The park is formed after upgrading the status of former three game reserves which Burigi, Biharamulo, Kimisi (BBK). Burigi-Chato has diversity of wildlife species including animals, birds, reptile and amphipians. Vegetation types found in the park includes forest, thicket, woodlands, bushlands, grasslands and swamps.

Lakes found within the park includes Burigi, Ngoma Nyamalembe, Kasinga/Nyarwamnaire and small portions of Lake Victoria. These Lakes are permanent major sources of water in the park as well as habitat for auquatic species.


Annual average rainfall varies from 700mm to 1000mm. Two rainfall peaks typically occur from November to December and March to April (rainy season) with a dry period from June to September.

The onset of the rainy season is variable but normally starts in October-November and ends in May. The mean maximum and minimum temperatures range from 20 degrees Celcius to 18 degrees Celcius and 26 degrees celsius to 16 celsius.

Burigi-Chato Park Attractions
  • Wildlife mammals (Eland, Elephant, Leopard Zebra, Giraffe, Spotted hyaena, Roan antelopes Topi Sitatunga Oribi, Reedbuck) and a recent introduction of Lions.
  • High Number of bird species (Marabou stork Hornbills, Fish Eagle, Guniea fowls and ducks)
  • Aquatic animals (fish crocodiles, hippos)
  • Scenic beauty encompassed by escarpments and unique round-topped hills and mountain ranges.
  • The scenic beauty of Kagera River and Lakes namely Burigi, Ngoma Kasinga/Nyarwambaire, Nyamalebe and part of Lake Victoria
  • Miombo Acacia Woodlands and array catchment forests which cover most of the park.
Popular Tourist activities at Burigi-Chato National Park
  • Game viewing
  • Walking Safaris
  • Bird watching
  • Camping and Star Gazing
When to Visit Burigi Chato National Park

The park is accessible all year round. However, June to September is the best time for bird watching and viewing large mammals such as Hippo, Buffalo, Topi, Waterbuck, Elephant Impala, Eland, Giraffe Roan and Sitatunga.

What Tourist Should Expect at Burigi-Chato
  • Wildlife and Spectacular habitats maintained in the most possible natural state
  • Variety of attractions
  • Quality and Timely service from the park staff
Access to Burigi Chato National Park

The park can be accessed by road and air as follows:


  • Through Bukuba Airport and Biharamulo Airstrips.
  • Internal Air Acces thorugh Nkonje airstip at Burigi area


  • Bukoba-Karagwe via Ruhita gate (160km)
  • Chato via Katete gate (40km)
  • Ngara via Nyungwe gate (53km)